outfit: hanh in a gray polka dot GapKids sweater with a pink tulle skirt, underneath a large flower arch

outfit: polka dots and pink, and re-wearing old stuff

Hey, I’m back after an unintentional hiatus for the past couple months. I just wasn’t feeling it when it came to blogging. I was still pretty active on Instagram by liking and commenting on other people’s posts, but not posting my own outfits. Part of the reason is because I imposed a shopping ban on myself to save money. I think one of the parts of style blogging that isn’t talked about much is the pressure to keep presenting “new” looks with new clothes and that gets pretty expensive, even if you are buying vintage or secondhand. So I just stopped posting pictures of my outfits because I was wearing “old” clothes that didn’t seem to have any posting appeal.

But I have to get over it, because part of style blogging is also being creative. The outfit in this post is made up of separates that have been featured before, but not together. Plus it helped that the lighting was pretty consistent throughout the entire day. I love the golden hour glow look, but sometimes it’s hard to catch and it can go by so quickly. The even lighting that comes from a cloudy day is a nice change.

Ross and I went back to this public garden in Pasadena that we’ve used before. Almost all the flowers were in bloom. Everything was so green! I suppose I was going for almost a fairy princess vibe, especially with my full tulle skirt.

outfit: hanh standing in a gray polka dot GapKids sweater with a pink tulle skirt, surrounded by trees and bushes

outfit: hanh standing in a gray polka dot GapKids sweater with a pink tulle skirt, shown from behind, wearing a rabbit shaped backpack made of straw

outfit: hanh standing in a gray polka dot GapKids sweater with a pink tulle skirt, bending down to smell some purple flowers

outfit: hanh in a gray polka dot GapKids sweater with a pink tulle skirt, underneath a large flower arch

There was a gigantic flower arch that I felt like could be an entrance into a magical forest! Except this was in a suburban public garden kinda close to the freeway, haha.

outfit: hanh in a gray polka dot GapKids sweater with a pink tulle skirt, sitting down on the ground with her skirt circled around her

You ever have an idea in your head of how you want a photo to turn out, and then it actually turns out the way you want it? That’s how I felt about this above picture! I was going for a demure Disney princess vibe with my flowy pink skirt spread around me and greenery/flowers all around.

outfit: hanh standing in a gray polka dot GapKids sweater with a pink tulle skirt, reaching up to read some paper wishes tied to a tree

There is a part of this garden that has wishing trees. You can write a wish on a slip of paper and tie it to a branch. There were so many wishes already up and when I glanced at some of them, the ones written by little children were so sweet. They asked for very broad things such as world peace and “everyone to have someone to love” but then there was a little kid who wished for a specific Pokemon game, lol.

outfit: hanh standing in a gray polka dot GapKids sweater and heart-shaped sunglasses, seen from the chest up

I know these heart-shaped cat-eye sunglasses have been all over Instagram lately, but they are super flattering and cute!

Outfit details:

Sweater: GapKids, old
Skirt: ModCloth, old
Shoes: Bait Footwear
Backpack: Target
Floral headband: old
Sunglasses: Amazon

hanhgry.com | ASOS pastel rainbow bathing suit and Lolliswim towel

outfit: rainbows at the beach

hanhgry.com | ASOS pastel rainbow bathing suit Rainbows at the beach!

Clearly, rainbows are a recurring theme in my clothes, even my swimwear. I bought this rainbow one-piece bathing suit from ASOS a few months ago during a Memorial Day sale. I rarely wore one piece swimsuits in the past; bikinis always felt less restrictive and more comfortable to me. But there have been a lot of really cute one pieces lately!

hanhgry.com | ASOS pastel rainbow bathing suit

Last weekend in Los Angeles was so freaking hot and our apartment doesn’t have air conditioning. Heat is not a problem most of the year, as LA tends to be pretty mild. But every once in a while there’s a heat wave. After suffering through the heat on Saturday, we drove to Santa Barbara on Sunday to stay cool by the beach. Santa Barbara is about a 90 minute drive from here. It was definitely cooler, but still warm enough to go to the beach. So I brought my pastel rainbow ombre swimsuit!

What’s nice is that the beach in Santa Barbara is also not that crowded. I’m sure beaches in Santa Monica, Venice and etc. were packed. We got to relax and enjoy the ocean waves a little, and took some photos.

hanhgry.com | ASOS pastel rainbow bathing suit and Lolliswim towel

I bought this Lolli Swim towel last year on sale at ModCloth, and I love it! It’s a giant circular towel instead of the usual rectangular shape. But the color and heart motif were just irresistible to me.

hanhgry.com | ASOS pastel rainbow bathing suit

Note:  I’ve had that little purple star necklace since 7th grade. Yep, I have kept it for over 15 years. And now chokers are coming back in style. Haha. Good thing I held onto almost all of my crappy mall jewelry I bought from Claire’s! Seriously, I loved going into that store with my friends and getting all sorts of cheap rainbow or glittery trinkets when I was in elementary and middle school. I can’t believe those tween accessory stores are still around (but from what I’ve read in the news, they’re not doing so well). I don’t know if today’s kids will ever understand what it was like to just wander around the mall for a few hours with your friends, get a slice of pizza at Sbarro’s (I’ve got enough taste now to know that Sbarro’s does not have good pizza) and browse Claire’s to get the perfect glittery headband or hairclip.

hanhgry.com | ASOS pastel rainbow bathing suit and Lolliswim towel

The one irritating thing about taking beach photos is the wind! My hair was flying all over the place, and looking all weird because I’m growing out my layers. Next time I’ll wear a cute beach hat or bring some really strong hairspray.

Outfit details:
Swimsuit: ASOS
Towel: old, Lolliswim via Modcloth
Sunglasses: Crap Eyewear

hanhgry.com | sitting among flowers

outfit: plenty of heart

I’ve spent some time researching interesting places to take photos. Los Angeles has a wide variety of beautiful locations but the frustrating thing is quite a few places charge you a fee or require a permit to take photographs, even if you’re not a professional photographer or affiliated with a film shoot. That’s a consequence of living in LA, where the film industry is headquartered. So I have to get creative when searching for places to shoot.

hanhgry.com | heart printed boat shoeshanhgry.com | sitting among flowers

Luckily, I found this place! This set of outfit photos was taken in one of those open secret locations that is open to the public and as long as you’re not intrusive, you can take as many photos as you like. It’s a volunteer run public garden in Pasadena, right outside of LA. When I was there, I saw a couple doing an engagement photoshoot and a few kids taking photos of the flowers in bloom. It’s not a huge garden but it has plenty of little nooks and themed sections with different plants and flowers.

hanhgry.com | standing in garden

hanhgry.com | purple flowers, close up

hanhgry.com | sitting under floral arch



One of the neat things about writing for my blog and planning photos is that it has really encouraged me to explore more of my adopted city and its surroundings. I have found all sorts of new places, or looked at places I already knew about with an eye for what would make for good photos.

As for this outfit, well, I just love hearts! Are there specific prints or motifs you really love?

Outfit details:
Sweater: Sugarhill Boutique, old
Skirt: Miss Patina, old
Shoes: ASOS, old

hanhgry.com: wearing miss patina outfit in courtyard

outfit: lots of cats

I love most animals, and I also love animal prints. When I bought a couple items from the Miss Patina after holiday sale, I noticed how cute their animal themed prints were, especially the cat ones. I had so much fun wearing this cat shirt and the detailed embroidery on both the shirt and skirt always get compliments!

hanhgry.com: wearing miss patina outfit in hallwayhanhgry.com: wearing miss patina outfit in courtyard


hanhgry.com: wearing miss patina outfit in hallway

hanhgry.com: wearing miss patina outfit in courtyard

We have two rescue cats; the older one was a stray that lived behind our first place in LA. She had a litter of kittens that were all adopted out, and she was spayed and left back outside. Ross and I felt so bad for her, and she was friendly with us so we eventually lured her into the house and she became ours. Our second cat we rescued when she was a tiny kitten, her and her siblings were found outdoors in someone’s backyard.

I never had pets growing up because my parents always said no. But once I moved out on my own, I knew I wanted pets of my own. Do you have a rescued pet? How long have you had him or her?

Outfit details:
Shirt: Miss Patina
Skirt: Miss Patina
Shoes: Bait Footwear
Purse: Forever21