hanhgry.com | celestial retrolicious dress at Griffith Observatory, looking through telescopeContinuing with my Halloween-themed outfits, today’s outfit is not explicitly Halloween (no candy corn, pumpkins or witches). But it does have a dark and kind of spooky print of the lunar cycle, with various phases of the moon on the dress. This is the Glow in the Dark Moon dress from Retrolicious and I got it at their sample sale earlier this year. I love the dresses from Retrolicious, and have worn a few so far this year (including this colorful rainbow dress!). I added some cute bat-shaped collar clips from Femme de Bloom because this big white collar was like a blank canvas to me; it needed to be accessorized!

I wore this dress for the first time during the eclipse in September, which was my way of participating in the eclipse craziness since Southern California didn’t get a great view of the event. I don’t like wearing something just once, so I thought it would also be great for Halloween (or “frocktober”). And to go with the celestial theme, I took these photos at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

hanhgry.com | Glow in the Dark Moon dress from Retrolicious