autumn | cat beret and sugarhill boutique cat sweater at riley's farm pumpkin patch

outfit: a black cat halloween at the pumpkin patch | cat beret and sugarhill boutique cat sweater at riley's farm pumpkin patch

Here is Halloween-themed outfit number 4! I’ve had a lot of fun this month styling different outfits for October/Halloween that weren’t too costume-y. I still wanted to get into the Halloween spirit, so a subtle way of doing that was putting in small touches, like the Halloween-themed collar clips from Femme de Bloom. And a little less subtle is this beret with cat ears. In my last post, I mentioned going to a small town called Oak Glen to pick apples and pumpkins. This set of photos is from the same day but at a different orchard called Riley’s Farm. Read on to see how this visit went. | cat beret and sugarhill boutique cat sweater at riley's farm pumpkin patch

(more…) | halloween mod style at snow-line orchard in oak glen, ca

outfit: Halloween mod style at Snowline Orchard | holding a white pumpkin at pumpkin patch in pasadena, ca

I grew up on the East Coast in Maryland and this time of year is when I’m feeling nostalgic for my hometown. There’s nothing like autumn on the East Coast; visiting apple orchards and pumpkin patches, drinking fresh apple cider and of course, the foliage. I remember doing all that at Butler’s Orchard and getting cider from Cider Barrel, which was in a building shaped like, you guessed it, a giant wooden barrel. (Unfortunately, it’s closed now). Autumn in Los Angeles is not quite the same thing. First of all, it’s the end of October and there’s been a long string of 100 degree days (seriously, it has been SO HOT). Second, you’re more likely to see palm trees than the deciduous trees that turn beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow.

I still wanted to try to experience the autumn of my childhood, so I researched if there were even any apple orchards or pumpkin patches near LA. A lot of the pumpkin patches I found are what I call parking lot pumpkin patches, where they take over a parking lot and set up the pumpkins for you to select. But through my online research, I found a town called Oak Glen filled with apple orchards about a 90 minute drive from the city! | standing in front of greetings from oak glen sign

(more…) | modcloth candy corn sweater and halloween

outfit: I like candy (corn) when it’s wrapped in a sweater | modcloth candy corn sweater and halloween

I love Halloween because I love candy and dressing up. It has been one of my favorite holidays since I was a kid, so of course I have a few Halloween-themed outfits planned. Today’s outfit incorporates an oft-maligned Halloween candy…candy corn.