hanhgry.com | riding merry go round in unique vintage chateau swing dress in mint llama fun fair print

A little while ago, Unique VIntage sent me a dress from their in-house brand to review on the blog. I have always loved Unique Vintage’s vintage-inspired style of clothing and their boutique in Burbank (a city right outside of Los Angeles) is adorable and a shop I always enjoy visiting! For my wedding, my bridesmaids wore Unique Vintage dresses. They lived in different parts of the country but UV made it so easy to order the dresses. Another thing I like is how inclusive they are in their sizing; many items are available in plus sizes, which is great since my bridesmaids were all different body types.

hanhgry.com | photo of my bridesmaids in mint green dresses from Unique VintagePhoto by Nolwen Cifuentes.
This was three years ago already! This is the bridesmaid dress on their website.

Review of the Unique Vintage Chateau Swing dress in mint fair llama print:

The dress I received is the Unique Vintage Chateau Swing Dress, in a pale mint color with a carnival/fair-themed print. The pictures on the website don’t do it justice because the print is so adorable in person. The print has llamas, popcorn, ice cream and cotton candy, all things you can find at a fair! Plus, mint green is pretty much my favorite color (well, unless you count rainbow as a single color).

I wore this dress to the Ventura County Fair. The Ventura fair is smaller than its Orange County and LA County counterparts, but I like the smaller size. It feels less chaotic and it’s on the beach, meaning the temperature is way cooler than at the OC and LA County Fairs which are more inland. (Trust me…it’s not fun going to the fair and eating hot fried junk food when it’s 90-plus degrees out.) I had a lot of fun walking around the fair, eating junk food and people-watching. Ross and I ate way too much food but that’s kind of the point of a fair, isn’t it? We shared a deep fried grilled cheese with fries and onion rings on the side (with an extra order of gooey, melted cheese) and survived! We also stuffed ourselves with cotton candy and soft serve (with sprinkles, of course).

hanhgry.com | unique vintage chateau swing dress in mint llama fun fair print

hanhgry.com | unique vintage chateau swing dress in mint llama fun fair print

hanhgry.com | riding merry go round in unique vintage chateau swing dress in mint llama fun fair printhanhgry.com | eating cotton candy in unique vintage chateau swing dress in mint llama fun fair print

hanhgry.com | in front of ticket booth in unique vintage chateau swing dress in mint llama fun fair printhanhgry.com | riding merry go round in unique vintage chateau swing dress in mint llama fun fair print

The dress has adjustable shoulder straps which is a lifesaver for me, because I’ve worn dresses where the straps are too short, and my shoulders and neck end up sore after wearing them. It sounds weird but not everyone has the same shoulder/torso length. With the adjustable straps, you can change the length to whatever makes you comfortable.

It also has POCKETS! Not tiny baby pockets either, but nice deep pockets that can actually hold stuff! I was able to put in my cell phone in one and a coin purse/small clutch in the other.

The dress has a sweetheart neckline, which is flattering to most people, even someone as small-chested as me. I usually don’t wear bras with dresses with like this because I don’t want bra straps showing. Instead of a bra, I wear these skin-colored adhesive pasties/nipple covers. I’m wearing this dress in size small, which is my normal size and the bust area fit me well. I don’t know how more well-endowed petite women would fare with this dress, but I felt like there was a decent amount of room in the chest; the bust area has a some gathering so there’s a little more give in that area but not a ton of stretch.

The waist is banded and cinched at the natural waist, which on me was a little high initially. But after I adjusted the shoulder straps longer to make the dress fall to my natural waist it hit my waist at a more flattering place.

The skirt is a full A-line, which is my preferred cut. I think it’s the most flattering on me and it’s the style I like best. I did wear a pink tulle skirt underneath to give it more fullness so if you want more fluffiness, definitely wear a tulle or crinoline underneath. It still looks good without anything underneath, but I liked how an additional tulle skirt poofing out (in a good way) accentuated my waist.

The only thing I would probably fix is the length; I’m 5 foot 4 inches and the skirt fell a little below my knees. Sometimes long or midi-length skirts make me look shorter. I find that knee-length or slightly above-the-knee is most flattering on me. I ended up wearing this dress with some wedges to give me some height to counteract the “shortening” effect of a longer hem.

All in all, this dress was comfortable and flattering; I loved the usefulness of the adjustable straps and pockets (seriously, more dresses and skirts need pockets!) and the uniqueness of the cute print. Go check out Unique Vintage for more cute dresses and separates, especially if you like vintage-inspired or retro clothing and novelty prints and patterns!

Outfit details:
Dress: Unique Vintage Chateau Swing Dress
Tulle skirt/crinoline: old, similar available at Unique Vintage
Cardigan: old, similar available at Unique Vintage
Shoes: old, Bait Footwear (I can’t seem to find a link to this style anywhere)
Popcorn purse: Amazon
Ticket clutch: old, Ipsy
Earrings: old, Femme de Bloom but she has similar ones available in her Etsy shop
Headband: old

Note: I was gifted with a dress in exchange for a blog feature/review. The opinions expressed here and the art direction of this post’s photos are my own.

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  1. I love that you went to a fair for these photos and the pairing of the purse went well with the place (as did the dress.)

    Also- love that your bridesmaids wore those dresses. I kind of want to see your wedding now. Will have to check the archives, if you’ve blogged about it! Our wedding also had a retro theme happening (with the clothing anyway).

    • Hi Kristian! Thanks for the nice comments 🙂 I haven’t posted any other photos from my wedding on here, but I may do an anniversary post in the future 🙂

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