Me, having problems with color? Yep. When you like every color, narrowing a palette down to maintain a consistent blog/Instagram look becomes really hard and sometimes almost anxiety inducing (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little). Case in point: the outfit featured in today’s post. I don’t normally gravitate toward dark blues and grays, but sometimes I need some neutrals/dark colors to break up the usual pastels. This sweater is from Sugarhill Boutique. I love their sweaters and knitwear. Their prints are so cute and the sweaters are really quite comfortable. I find that they pair with jeans just as well as they do with skirts. | sugarhill boutique birds on a wire sweater with modcloth gray skirt

Even though this particular outfit is a departure from my usual pastel and bright color palette, it felt fitting on that weekend. The temperature was in the high 60s/low 70s and it actually felt like autumn in Los Angeles. (Of course, the next week it went right back up into the 90s. Ugh). The navy sweater has stripes but look a little closer and you can see a few little birds and hearts standing about on the stripes. | sugarhill boutique birds on a wire sweater with modcloth gray skirt

I was experimenting with taking photos in the late afternoon/early evening light, which is why you can see such a drastic difference between the beginning of the set and the end of it. I suppose it’s not good for a consistent looking, curated feed but I liked the way it looked. | sugarhill boutique birds on a wire sweater, modcloth gray skirt and bait footwear shoes | sugarhill boutique birds on a wire sweater with modcloth gray skirt

One issue I’ve been struggling with is maintaining a consistent look or color palette for my photos. You can see it even in this set of outfit photos. It’s especially glaring when you look at my Instagram feed. You would think as a professional graphic designer, picking and setting a color tone or palette would be easy but it isn’t! My color preference varies all the time and some days I like warmer photos with yellows and reds and other days I like cooler photos with more blues or purples. I love playing around in Photoshop and sometimes I just can’t decide! Do you guys have any tips or advice for sticking to a consistent color palette?

Outfit details:

Sweater: Nita Sweater in Blue Strip Navy print Sugarhill Boutique (or via ModCloth)
Skirt: Bugle Joy Midi Skirt in Gray 
Shoes: Ida in Navy, Bait Footwear (no longer available)

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