hanhgry.com | red gingerbread skirt standing in snow looking up at skyRoss and I went on a weekend trip to Lake Tahoe a few weeks back, and snow was in the forecast. Living in LA, I never get to see snow and was excited to have it on our trip. Also, I figured the snow would make for pretty blog photos so I brought along a whole suitcase of Christmas-themed outfits for outfit photos to post in December (I know…an entire suitcase full of photoshoot clothes, what am I, a model??).

Christmas is probably my favorite holiday, behind Halloween. Ross and I are not religious (we’re pretty much agnostic) but I think almost anyone can relate to the feelings of the holiday season. I like spending time with loved ones, reflecting on the past year and of course, all the delicious food, especially the Christmas cookies! I love baking all different kinds of cookies at Christmastime.

hanhgry.com | red gingerbread skirt spinning in the snow

So when I saw this gingerbread cookie skirt on ModCloth last year, I just had to get it. Despite not really liking pumpkin spice or any type of heavily-spiced baked goods, I make an exception for gingerbread. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without gingerbread men cookies.

hanhgry.com | gingerbread clutch with red gingerbread skirt

I paired it with another old top from ModCloth; the dark forest green with the bright red skirt feels so festive. And to top it off, an adorable gingerbread cookie novelty clutch from Forever21.

At our hotel, I asked the concierge where there was a scenic area with lots of snow to take photos, and she told us to just drive about 10 minutes outside of town up towards Mount Rose. She told us that up that way they just had three feet of snow a few days prior. We followed her directions, and pulled over to an area that had lots of kids and families sledding and cross-country skiing. But the area by the forest was pretty empty, and so amazingly beautiful with all the fresh snow!

hanhgry.com | red gingerbread skirt standing in snow

hanhgry.com | red gingerbread skirt standing in snow in the distance

hanhgry.com | red gingerbread skirt standing in snow and inspecting gingerbread clutch

hanhgry.com | red gingerbread skirt walking away in the snow

Even though there were a bunch of people not that far away, once we stepped into the forest it was so peaceful and quiet. Everything was still and silent, and all you could hear was the snow crunching underneath our shoes. It was cold, but not windy, and the pale sunlight was perfect for photos. I can’t wait to show the other photos we took!

Outfit details:

Coat: old, ModCloth
Top: old, ModCloth
Skirt: old, ModCloth
Shoes: Garibaldi snowboots by Helly Hansen
Clutch: Forever21

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