Hi, I’m Hanh! I’m a graphic designer/illustrator who really, really loves eating food and cooking/baking. I live in Los Angeles with my husband and two rescued cats. I actually registered this domain name almost two years ago but it took me a really long time to actually get moving on making this blog a reality.

I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted the blog to focus on and it was a little paralyzing, until I talked it over with my best friends, Leila and Giselle, who told me that it’s my blog and just to post about whatever I want to post. Once I was okay with that, it was easier to start.

So I suppose Hanhgry goes under the broad umbrella of a “lifestyle blog” which sounds really vague. There are probably a thousand (I might be exaggerating) lifestyle bloggers in LA alone, all in different niches, focusing on different things.

So what is this blog? Well, I want it to be a couple things:

  • A resource for vegetarian dining reviews, as well as vegetarian/vegan recipes. I have been a vegetarian for about 12 years and over time I’ve amassed a collection of vegetarian recipes and a list of places I have eaten at and want to try. I’ll go into more detail about this in a later post, but this is a big passion of mine. I love to eat (and not only just the usual healthy veggie stuff).
  • A place to share my outfit-of-the-day. Also known as OOTD. My style is more vintage-inspired (I’m too lazy to actually go thrift store shopping) and I tend to wear mostly pastel colors with cute prints.
  • A place to share my illustrations and artwork, and also post design tips and inspiration. Expect to see some free printables and digital art you can use for your own blog, website, etc. Maybe some DIY tutorials as well.
  • A travel log. I’m lucky to have a husband who likes traveling as much as I do, and one of our favorite things to do whenever we visit a new place is plan where we will eat. I prepare for trips with Google spreadsheets and a customized Google map…it’s a little silly.

You can also check out my Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook page. The next post will be a review of two treats that have received a lot of buzz in LA lately: Churro Borough’s churro ice cream sandwich and Quenelle’s funnel cake ice cream sandwich.

Thanks for visiting Hanhgry.com!


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  1. Great first post!! I’m always up for trying new recipes and looove your artwork! Can’t wait to see more!!

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