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hanhgry.com | color factory sitting in the confetti room

outfit post: color factory & rainbows galore

hanhgry.com | color factory sitting in confetti roomColor Factory is the creation of the blogger Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day. I’ve followed her blog and Instagram for a while, and when she announced this new project, I was so excited to see it! I bought tickets right when it was announced, and surprisingly there were a lot of available dates/time slots available. I think I lucked out because a few days after I got my tickets, the news of Color Factory got out and they sold out of the rest of their tickets.

Ross and I made a weekend of it, since we love going to San Francisco. We tried a couple new restaurants as well (another post on that later) before heading off to Color Factory!



hanhgry.com | bold pas outdoor art outfit behind Better as a Color by Asli Tusavul

outfit post: bold pas outdoor art takeover!

hanhgry.com | bold pas outdoor art outfit on the street

hanhgry.com | bold pas outdoor art outfit on the street

I spend a decent amount of time researching locations to do outfit photos. Sometimes I’ll go on Yelp, or even just do random Googling depending on what kind of environment or background I have in mind for a particular outfit. Murals and outdoor art are obvious choices, but in a city as big as LA with a lot of people taking photos at similar locations, I try to find the less known places. Of course, a nice mural or pretty location never stays secret for long.

hanhgry.com | bold pas outdoor art outfit behind Better as a Color by Asli Tusavul

This particular location I came upon by chance; I was walking around near my workplace and saw signs for Bold Pas, an upcoming temporary art takeover of public places in Old Town Pasadena. They had mockups of the art installations so I was able to plan my outfit around them. It looked like it had the potential for some interesting photos, so we went! (more…)

hanhgry.com | unique vintage chateau swing dress

outfit: Unique Vintage Chateau Swing Dress at the fair

hanhgry.com | riding merry go round in unique vintage chateau swing dress in mint llama fun fair print

A little while ago, Unique VIntage sent me a dress from their in-house brand to review on the blog. I have always loved Unique Vintage’s vintage-inspired style of clothing and their boutique in Burbank (a city right outside of Los Angeles) is adorable and a shop I always enjoy visiting! For my wedding, my bridesmaids wore Unique Vintage dresses. They lived in different parts of the country but UV made it so easy to order the dresses. Another thing I like is how inclusive they are in their sizing; many items are available in plus sizes, which is great since my bridesmaids were all different body types.

hanhgry.com | photo of my bridesmaids in mint green dresses from Unique VintagePhoto by Nolwen Cifuentes.
This was three years ago already! This is the bridesmaid dress on their website.

Review of the Unique Vintage Chateau Swing dress in mint fair llama print:

The dress I received is the Unique Vintage Chateau Swing Dress, in a pale mint color with a carnival/fair-themed print. The pictures on the website don’t do it justice because the print is so adorable in person. The print has llamas, popcorn, ice cream and cotton candy, all things you can find at a fair! Plus, mint green is pretty much my favorite color (well, unless you count rainbow as a single color).

I wore this dress to the Ventura County Fair. The Ventura fair is smaller than its Orange County and LA County counterparts, but I like the smaller size. It feels less chaotic and it’s on the beach, meaning the temperature is way cooler than at the OC and LA County Fairs which are more inland. (Trust me…it’s not fun going to the fair and eating hot fried junk food when it’s 90-plus degrees out.) I had a lot of fun walking around the fair, eating junk food and people-watching. Ross and I ate way too much food but that’s kind of the point of a fair, isn’t it? We shared a deep fried grilled cheese with fries and onion rings on the side (with an extra order of gooey, melted cheese) and survived! We also stuffed ourselves with cotton candy and soft serve (with sprinkles, of course).


hanhgry.com | standing in modcloth dress at rose garden at old mission santa barbara

outfit: hanging out at the Santa Barbara Mission Rose Garden

The Old Mission Santa Barbara is a historic landmark in Santa Barbara, California. It contains the original mission building and the Santa Barbara Mission rose garden. The main building on the grounds is open for paid tours. I’m keenly aware of the criticism of the Spanish Mission system and its negative effects on Native Americans who were forced to endure it. I’m glad the mission remains as an educational site, though I do wish the history presented was a little more critical about what living and working in a mission entailed.

The area around the Mission is open to the public. People have picnics and just enjoy the outdoors there, since the weather is so beautiful most of the year. I was delighted to see the Rose Garden area in full bloom, so we took some photos.

hanhgry.com | standing among rose bushes in modcloth dress, sitting on the steps at Old Mission Santa Barbarahanhgry.com | standing in modcloth dress at rose garden at old mission santa barbara

hanhgry.com | standing among rose bushes in modcloth dress, sitting on the steps at Old Mission Santa Barbara

There were so many different types of roses in a variety of colors. I’m sure this is a popular spot for photo shoots (but surprisingly, we were the only ones taking pictures that day).

hanhgry.com | yellow roses in Santa Barbara Mission Rose GardenClose up of yellow roses in the Santa Barbara Mission Rose Garden

hanhgry.com | far distance shot of modcloth dress, sitting on the steps at Old Mission Santa Barbara

Here I am sitting on the steps of the main chapel. It was around sunset on a Sunday, so the area was quiet. We were able to take a bunch of photos without any disturbances. The pink accent color of the chapel really stood out to me; I don’t think the pink is originally part of the building.

hanhgry.com | modcloth dress at Old Mission Santa Barbara hanhgry.com | modcloth dress, sitting on the steps at Old Mission Santa Barbara

I don’t normally wear maxi dresses, but this one was on sale at ModCloth about two years ago and I snagged it at a deep discount. It’s very comfortable and I love the lavender and mint colors. I’m wearing it with a pair of pink Birkenstocks. Never in my life did I think I would ever wear Birkenstocks but this pair has very thin straps so it looks a bit more feminine and not as bulky as their usual wide-strapped sandals. I wore these for 4 days in a row at Disney World last summer, got no blisters and my feet were pretty comfortable! I am now a convert to Birkenstocks.

Outfit details:
Dress: old, ModCloth
Shoes: old, Birkenstock Daloa in Rosa via ModCloth (still available here)

hanhgry.com | ASOS pastel rainbow bathing suit and Lolliswim towel

outfit: rainbows at the beach

hanhgry.com | ASOS pastel rainbow bathing suit Rainbows at the beach!

Clearly, rainbows are a recurring theme in my clothes, even my swimwear. I bought this rainbow one-piece bathing suit from ASOS a few months ago during a Memorial Day sale. I rarely wore one piece swimsuits in the past; bikinis always felt less restrictive and more comfortable to me. But there have been a lot of really cute one pieces lately!

hanhgry.com | ASOS pastel rainbow bathing suit

Last weekend in Los Angeles was so freaking hot and our apartment doesn’t have air conditioning. Heat is not a problem most of the year, as LA tends to be pretty mild. But every once in a while there’s a heat wave. After suffering through the heat on Saturday, we drove to Santa Barbara on Sunday to stay cool by the beach. Santa Barbara is about a 90 minute drive from here. It was definitely cooler, but still warm enough to go to the beach. So I brought my pastel rainbow ombre swimsuit!

What’s nice is that the beach in Santa Barbara is also not that crowded. I’m sure beaches in Santa Monica, Venice and etc. were packed. We got to relax and enjoy the ocean waves a little, and took some photos.

hanhgry.com | ASOS pastel rainbow bathing suit and Lolliswim towel

I bought this Lolli Swim towel last year on sale at ModCloth, and I love it! It’s a giant circular towel instead of the usual rectangular shape. But the color and heart motif were just irresistible to me.

hanhgry.com | ASOS pastel rainbow bathing suit

Note:  I’ve had that little purple star necklace since 7th grade. Yep, I have kept it for over 15 years. And now chokers are coming back in style. Haha. Good thing I held onto almost all of my crappy mall jewelry I bought from Claire’s! Seriously, I loved going into that store with my friends and getting all sorts of cheap rainbow or glittery trinkets when I was in elementary and middle school. I can’t believe those tween accessory stores are still around (but from what I’ve read in the news, they’re not doing so well). I don’t know if today’s kids will ever understand what it was like to just wander around the mall for a few hours with your friends, get a slice of pizza at Sbarro’s (I’ve got enough taste now to know that Sbarro’s does not have good pizza) and browse Claire’s to get the perfect glittery headband or hairclip.

hanhgry.com | ASOS pastel rainbow bathing suit and Lolliswim towel

The one irritating thing about taking beach photos is the wind! My hair was flying all over the place, and looking all weird because I’m growing out my layers. Next time I’ll wear a cute beach hat or bring some really strong hairspray.

Outfit details:
Swimsuit: ASOS
Towel: old, Lolliswim via Modcloth
Sunglasses: Crap Eyewear

hanhgry.com | rainbow sweater and clutch

outfit: sugarhill boutique and rainbows galore

hanhgry.com | sugarhill boutique rainbow sweater and clutchEver since I was a kid, I’ve loved rainbows. The easiest way to get me to buy something is to slap a rainbow on it (bonus points if it’s a pastel rainbow instead of the usual super bright ROYGBIV). I was teased occasionally when I was younger for wearing bright, colorful clothing, but kids can be jerks about anything, especially in middle school. (Some of the teasing had a homophobic tinge to it, which is gross because bullying people for their perceived sexual orientation is wrong.) It just made me more determined to dress the way I want, because who cares what people think?

I saw this sweater from Sugarhill Boutique and just knew I had to get it! I really love their sweaters; they’re perfect for warm days and cool nights in Los Angeles. I get cold easily but hate heavy sweaters, so this is the perfect thickness for me.

Back to the rainbows: June is also Pride month and LA Pride was a few weeks ago. In honor of that, I wore this rainbow themed outfit and took photos in front of this very colorful mural in Pasadena. It’s on the side of a building on the South campus of the ArtCenter College of Design, in case you were wondering. The artist RISK has painted several huge color walls throughout LA.

hanhgry.com | sugarhill boutique rainbow sweater and clutch

hanhgry.com | sugarhill boutique rainbow sweater and clutch hanhgry.com | sugarhill boutique rainbow sweater and clutch hanhgry.com | TUK Footwear rainbow flats from ModCloth

These shoes from TUK Footwear are so comfortable and adorable! I have several pairs of novelty ballet flats from them and always get compliments whenever I wear them.

hanhgry.com | rainbow sweater and clutch

I also got a rainbow gel manicure! I may have overdone it with the rainbows in this post, heh.

hanhgry.com | sugarhill boutique rainbow sweater and clutch hanhgry.com | sugarhill boutique rainbow sweater and clutch

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Pride, wherever you live!

Outfit details:

Sweater: Sugarhill Boutique
Skirt: (actually a tank dress) Forever21
Shoes: TUK Footwear, via ModCloth
Clutch: old, ASOS
Sunglasses: Crap Eyewear (they’re on sale for only $28!)

hanhgry.com | wearing modcloth yellow shirt with polka dot mint green skirt

outfit: lace and polka dot pastels

hanhgry.com | wearing modcloth yellow shirt with polka dot mint green skirt

Permit me to vent a little about something that a lot of other people have complained about in the past few weeks. I’m talking about the weird changes to Instagram. No, not just the Snapchat clone face filters. I’m referring to the aggressive change to the algorithm that has made it harder for me to see content from people I follow, and also has greatly impacted engagement on smaller accounts like my own.

It’s discouraging to say the least, and when searching for answers about why this is happening, I’ve come upon various posts accusing Instagram of turning more into an ad platform instead of a creative outlet.

I know, I know. It’s a free service and nothing on the Internet is ever truly “free.” But hell, I would pay a little for a premium version with fewer ads and the ability to view my feed chronologically! Other people keep coming up with ideas to  “beat” the algorithm, and it seems pointless to try to do so anyway. I suppose I should just focus on doing the best I can, and posting good photos and hopefully, it will work out.

hanhgry.com | wearing modcloth yellow shirt with polka dot mint green skirt

hanhgry.com | wearing modcloth yellow shirt with polka dot mint green skirt

Outfit details:

Blouse: old, ModCloth (other colors still available)
Skirt: old, ModCloth
Shoes: Bait Footwear
Clutch: Target

hanhgry.com | closeup with hat

outfit: superbloom at anza-borrego and lessons with timing

hanhgry.com | posing among superbloom with mountain in backgroundPlanning these superbloom outfit photos has been a big learning experience. I photographed this outfit over two months ago but hesitated in posting it. Why?

Well, I wasn’t entirely happy with a lot of the photos. This was my first time shooting around sunrise, and I thought I had built in enough time in our schedule to get more of that “golden hour.” I’ve taken plenty of photos around sunset but for my first time taking photos around sunrise, I didn’t give myself enough time. The soft glow of golden hour quickly gave way to super bright overhead/direct sunlight.

I still liked a couple of the photos so I decided to post them anyway. Now I know to better schedule my time and gauge the quality of the available light.

My original idea was to take pictures among the flowers. This year, California’s unusually wet winter led to a once-in-a-decade massive superbloom all over Southern California. One of the more beautiful sites for this year’s superbloom was Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, about 3 hours southeast of Los Angeles.

We waited to see what the flower forecast would be. The blooms were forecasted to peak around mid-March. The town of Borrego Springs has very few hotels or accommodations, and the few hotels were solidly booked. To spare ourselves from waking up at 2 am to drive down to Anza-Borrego, Ross and I booked an AirBnB in Escondido (a suburb of San Diego) for the night before, so we wouldn’t have to wake up as early. It was still an hour and a half drive, but that’s better than 3 hours!

hanhgry.com | superbloom purple flowers, close up

We got to our AirBnB on Saturday night, went to bed early and woke up at 4 AM the next morning. The drive to Anza-Borrego was eerily quiet in the pre-dawn darkness. We got there a little before sunrise.

We arrived at the perfect time to take photos, and it wasn’t busy yet. I am happiest with the photos we took right around sunrise.

hanhgry.com | superbloom white and yellow flowers, close up

hanhgry.com | posing among flowers with mountain in background

hanhgry.com | Ross at Anza-Borrego, with mountain in the background

I love this lighting here!

hanhgry.com | closeup with hat

The photo above was when the light started getting way too bright. I like the composition and I’m not making a silly face!

Unfortunately it only got even brighter (and hotter) after this, and none of the outfit photos we took during the hike on the trail turned out. We did the easier hike on Palm Canyon Trail, which was about 4 miles roundtrip. We saw beautiful flowers and small waterfalls and streams that made getting up at 4 AM totally worth it. I really enjoyed the hike but man, I’m out of shape.

hanhgry.com | posing in the flower fields at Anza-Borrego

The above photo was taken around 11 AM, after we finished the trail and drove around the town of Borrego Springs because there were fields of flowers EVERYWHERE. The superbloom definitely lived up to its name. You can’t really tell in this photo but I’m sitting under a tree in a giant field filled with those tiny yellow flowers.

Overall, this was a great experience. We saw the beautiful superbloom and got some exercise! I did a lot of planning to scope out when to go take these pictures, but I didn’t really plan for the amount of time I would have good lighting. Next time when I go to a new site for an outfit shoot, I’ll definitely keep what I learned here in mind.

Outfit details:

Dress: Anthropologie, old
Shoes: Bait Footwear, old, similar ones here
Hat: Forever 21, old

hanhgry.com | rainbow balloon wall

outfit: matching my surroundings

Jihan Zencirli is a Los Angeles-based artist who creates balloon art installations. Her most recent installation adorned the walls of a convenience store in my neighborhood. The installations are temporary, as the balloons eventually deflate. They are so playful and colorful, and I couldn’t resist taking photos there! (I wasn’t the only one. There were several people taking pictures there and after a while you can tell they’re bloggers too, hehe.)

hanhgry.com | balloon wall hanhgry.com | rainbow dress and sunglasses in front of balloon wall hanhgry.com | rainbow dress in front of balloon wall

This is an older dress, one I’ve had for probably four years now. It’s from Eva Franco, an LA-based designer who designs and makes her clothes in the US. I love her fit and flare dresses, and this one in particular is colorful and rainbow without being too over the top. It came with a bright orange belt, but I don’t like orange much and prefer wearing it with different belts. You can find her dresses at her website and Anthropologie.
hanhgry.com | rainbow dress in front of pastel mural

While the front of the convenience store was covered in tons of balloons, the side of the store has a pastel geometric mural which I thought kinda matched my dress.

Dress: Eva Franco, old
Belt: Modcloth, old
Shoes: Bait Footwear, similar

hanhgry.com | sitting among flowers

outfit: plenty of heart

I’ve spent some time researching interesting places to take photos. Los Angeles has a wide variety of beautiful locations but the frustrating thing is quite a few places charge you a fee or require a permit to take photographs, even if you’re not a professional photographer or affiliated with a film shoot. That’s a consequence of living in LA, where the film industry is headquartered. So I have to get creative when searching for places to shoot.

hanhgry.com | heart printed boat shoeshanhgry.com | sitting among flowers

Luckily, I found this place! This set of outfit photos was taken in one of those open secret locations that is open to the public and as long as you’re not intrusive, you can take as many photos as you like. It’s a volunteer run public garden in Pasadena, right outside of LA. When I was there, I saw a couple doing an engagement photoshoot and a few kids taking photos of the flowers in bloom. It’s not a huge garden but it has plenty of little nooks and themed sections with different plants and flowers.

hanhgry.com | standing in garden

hanhgry.com | purple flowers, close up

hanhgry.com | sitting under floral arch



One of the neat things about writing for my blog and planning photos is that it has really encouraged me to explore more of my adopted city and its surroundings. I have found all sorts of new places, or looked at places I already knew about with an eye for what would make for good photos.

As for this outfit, well, I just love hearts! Are there specific prints or motifs you really love?

Outfit details:
Sweater: Sugarhill Boutique, old
Skirt: Miss Patina, old
Shoes: ASOS, old

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