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Ross had some free time before he had to go to set for the last day of shooting on the film, so we went to a few places I love in the San Gabriel Valley.

The SGV is a region in Los Angeles County that is known for its Asian population and concentration of good and affordable Asian restaurants. You can find restaurants representing the different cuisines of China, Vietnam, Korea, and so on. But the SGV has a LOT of Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants, so much so that there are restaurants specializing in specific regional cuisine such as Sichuan, Cantonese, or the typical Americanized Chinese food.


I’ll review the Vietnamese restaurant we went to in depth later but after lunch, of course we went to get dessert.

hanhgry.com | lychee green tea bobaWe went to Bon Appetea, a very cute bubble tea (or boba) and snack cafe in downtown Alhambra. It’s one of my favorite places to get bubble tea and sometimes a snack of garlic french fries. If you dine in, they serve the drinks in a variety of different glassware like mason jars, and the presentation of everything is so cute! They also have a small dessert display case with egg pudding (similar to flan), macarons, and various cakes. They serve a variety of sandwiches, salads, and snacky sides like french fries, fried tofu, etc. But the highlight of their menu is their bubble tea, of course. I ordered a lychee green tea with boba. Strawberry green tea looked tempting, as was mango and passionfruit…but I could only get one drink! They only come in one size, about 24 ounces so I always take a long time to finish them.

hanhgry.com | polka dot dress and boba

I have a lot of prints in my wardrobe, but the most common is probably polka dots. Mix with pastels and I’m in love. So when I saw these mint green Keds sneakers with white polka dots on sale at DSW, I had to have them! I’m wearing them with an old dress I bought at Forever21 a few years ago, and it’s super comfortable to wear when it’s hot out. I’m afraid of wearing it too often because Forever21’s clothes aren’t the best quality, and I’m worried a loose thread will unravel or if I wash it too many times it will fall apart. So I don’t wear it much. (Polka dots! Pale pink! Peter pan collar! Ugh, I wish I had this dress in different colors.) I accessorized the collar with peachy pink heart collar clips I recently bought from Femme De Bloom, an adorable Etsy shop with loads of brooches, collar clips, and other small accessories.

Since Ross wasn’t in the mood for bubble tea, we went down the street to Fosselman’s because he was craving sorbet. Fosselman’s is a well-known ice cream shop in the LA area; it’s been around for almost 100 years. They have a ton of flavors ranging from the classic vanilla and chocolate to more Asian-influenced flavors such as lychee, taro, and green tea.

hanhgry.com | me with my salty caramel cone at Fosselman'sI usually get a flavor that has some mix-ins, such as cookie dough or English toffee, but this visit they were advertising a seasonal flavor, salty caramel, that I had to try. It was good, but not salty enough for me. Jeni’s Ice Creams’ salty caramel is my ideal salted caramel ice cream. Fosselman’s version was all right, but not enough of the salty note.

hanhgry.com | watermelon sorbet at Fosselman's

Ross got a scoop of watermelon sorbet. He really liked it, but watermelon is hit-or-miss with me. I love actual watermelon, but most watermelon-flavored sweets taste artificial to me, like watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Unfortunately that’s what this sorbet tasted like to me. The texture was great, very smooth and silky but way too sweet!

Bon Appetea and Fosselman’s are just two of the many places I love in the San Gabriel Valley; I’ll definitely post more reviews of other places I go to often in the future, so keep an eye out on the blog!

hanhgry.com | me with the Fosselman's sign

Outfit details:
Dress: old, Forever21
Sunglasses: ModCloth (currently on sale!)
Shoes: Keds, from DSW
Heart collar clips: Femme De Bloom etsy shop
Purse: old, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Bon Appetea
7 S. Second Street
Alhambra CA 91801

Iced lychee green tea with boba: $4.45
Prices vary depending on type of drink and add-ons
$10 card minimum

1824 W Main St.
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 282-6533
Salty caramel, single scoop sugar cone and watermelon sorbet, single scoop cup: $5.90
Prices vary
Cash only

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  1. Bon Appetea sounds awesome! I’m a big fan of bubble tea (especially red bean or almond), but unfortunately, I haven’t found any bubble tea shops in my new town. At least I can live vicariously through you! By the way, I love your outfit–those colors are so dreamy together!

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