Hi! I’m Hanh and I’ve wanted to write a blog about various things I love for a while now, so I figured I might as well jump in and do it! The phrase “lifestyle blog” sounds really vague and broad, but I didn’t want to restrict myself to being solely a food or fashion or review blog. So Hanhgry is an assortment of topics. I love rainbows, sweets/junk food, pastel colors, and cute things. I’m also a vegetarian (have been for 12 years!). As time goes on, hopefully this blog will become a good resource for vegetarian recipes and reviews of vegetarian dining, but also a place to get useful design tips and inspiration. And random pictures of my outfits (I’m addicted to ModCloth).

I live in Los Angeles with my husband Ross and our two cats, Mama and Charlotte (we used to have two guinea pigs, but they have passed away. RIP Penny and Desmond). We live in a beautiful old apartment built in the 1920s with a tiny kitchen (unfortunately. But we have an original O’Keefe & Merritt stove/oven!). I’m originally from Maryland and moved out to LA to work as a graphic designer.

Regarding the blog name, well it’s a combination of my name plus “hungry,” but it also references the notorious “hangry” feeling when you’re angry from being too hungry. 😛 I hope you enjoy the blog!


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