Year: 2016 | trois familia: double decker potato tacos

Trois Familia: Mexican-French inspired brunch

Ross and I went with our friends Jared and Alaina to Trois Familia for brunch in Silver Lake a while back. It’s a small restaurant operated by Ludo Lefebvre, a well-renowned French chef who also runs Petit Trois and Trois Mec in Los Angeles. I’ve never been able to go to his other restaurants since there isn’t that much I can eat there as a vegetarian, although Trois Mec does allow for vegetarian options…so maybe one day. But Trois Familia is almost right down the street from me, and it had received quite a bit of buzz for its brunch.

I think brunch really only became a huge “thing” within the past decade or so because when I was in high school and college, brunch was not the big deal that it is now. In college I went to greasy diners for super late breakfast meals (shoutout to Plato’s in College Park and Tastee Diner in Silver Spring and Bethesda!) but that doesn’t come close to the whole brunch universe that exists now.

I suppose because Los Angeles has a million restaurants and so many of them serve brunch, it’s interesting to see different takes on what are usually the same several dishes (some sort of pancake/waffle, breakfast burrito, eggs benedict, and so on). Trois Familia’s food is inspired by the French background of its chef and also draws from the huge influence Mexican cuisine has on food in Los Angeles.

We got there around 10:30 am, put our names down and were seated after about a 20 minute wait. They don’t take reservations, so I highly recommend getting there early on the weekends.

The restaurant itself is not a huge space but it’s cozy. It feels like a neighborhood place, with cute little decorative touches like a turntable, family-style dining tables that look like picnic tables, and bright primary colors everywhere.

Drinks: | trois familia: cup of fresh-squeezed limeadeJared got a Nutella Malt, I got a limeade and Alaina ordered the horchata. We all took a sip of each other’s drinks and they were all pretty good. My limeade was nice and tart and not too sweet. The Nutella malt was creamy and had a strong hazelnut taste to it. If you like Nutella, order this. The photo above is of my limeade.


Ross and I ordered the following:

Crispy hash brown chilaquiles, sunny side up egg, cotija, salsa macho – $9.75 | trois familia: hash brown chilaquiles
Imagine a really high quality version of the McDonalds hash brown patty topped with a sunny side up egg and a spicy (well, it wasn’t THAT spicy) salsa. I wish this dish had been bigger (another hash brown patty/egg would have been nice)- it was gone in what seemed like a few bites. This felt more like an appetizer than an entree. The hash brown wasn’t greasy and was crispy enough to hold up under the salsa and egg yolk once I pierced the egg.

French bean & cheese burrito, garlic brown butter, wakame, preserved lemon – $9.95 | trois familia: french bean and cheese burrito, exterior | trois familia: french bean and cheese burrito, interior

Bean and cheese burritos are ubiquitous in LA. Trois Familia’s take on it was interesting because of all the different cuisines it is drawing from. Beans and cheese are Mexican, wakame is a Japanese ingredient (it’s a type of seaweed), garlic brown butter is French. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with all these seemingly disparate flavors. This dish was the biggest, portion-wise, of the dishes we ordered. This was super tasty. The burrito had been lightly pan-fried so the outside of the tortilla was crispy. I am not 100% sure of what kind of cheese was used in the burrito but it tasted like it may have been gruyere? or some other French cheese instead of jack or cheddar. Pinto beans were not mushy like the consistency of refried beans; the beans were still distinctive. The garlic brown butter was good and didn’t feel too overwhelming.  I couldn’t really taste much preserved lemon but I did taste a little umami from the seaweed. I would definitely order this again.

Double decker potato tacos, lime, crème fraiche, carrot pico, jack cheese – $12.50 | trois familia: double decker potato tacos

This is also another dish everyone seems to be Instagramming lately, as it’s kind of an elevated version of the double decker taco from Taco Bell. It’s a soft tortilla encasing a hard shell tortilla, so you get the multiple textures of soft and crunchy/crispy. This was my favorite of the three dishes I ordered. The potato filling was seasoned well and not too salty– I’ve had potato tacos on both ends of the spectrum, either too salty or totally bland. This was just right. The carrot pico with lime was neat, as the lime juice toned down the natural sweetness of the carrots. The tacos were pretty big. I shared them with Ross but two of them for just me would have been enough.


One thing I keep seeing in other people’s comments about Trois Familia is that the portions are kind of small and you need to order multiple dishes to be full, which I found to be true. Even our waiter recommended ordering multiple plates. Ross and I ordered 3 dishes to share between us and we were still a little hungry after.A few people have mentioned the cost of the food relative to the portion sizes, but I’m not annoyed by that very much. I feel like the quality of the food justified the pricing to me. Service was attentive and the food didn’t take long to come out, despite the restaurant being very busy.

Overall, I quite enjoyed my meal here. They have added a few new things to their menu and now also do take-out, so I want to go back and try the new stuff, and a few other things I didn’t try this time.


Trois Familia
3510 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Open 7 days a week, 8 am – 2 pm.
Note: There is a small parking lot but it fills up quickly. Street parking also available.

outfit: dear creatures and mint | mint meow | mint meow | glitter oxford shoes | mint meow

I’m a big animal person; I think part of it is because my parents never let me have any pets when I was growing up, not even a goldfish. In hindsight, that was probably a wise decision. I doubt I would have given a pet the care and consideration it deserved when I was eight years old.

Once I moved out on my own, I adopted two guinea pigs from a local guinea pig rescue called Orange County Cavy Haven. Yes, most people know that there are dog and cat rescues, but there are also small animal rescues! People are amazed to hear that there are whole organizations devoted to rescuing small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters. etc. Sadly, because these animals are marketed as “pocket pets” and a way to “teach” young kids responsibility, a lot of times the pets end up neglected, sick and dead. I’m strongly against using an animal to teach a child responsibility unless the entire family (parents AND kids) take care of the pet. A little kid can’t entirely take care of another living creature on his/her own, and it’s not fair to the pet to be subject to the whims of a child.

Anyway, stepping off my soapbox! My husband and I also have two cats. The two guinea pigs have passed away at this point, but I will always have animals in my life; they bring me a lot of joy. Maybe one day when I have a bigger place i’ll adopt a dog! (My current landlord doesn’t allow dogs, unfortunately.)

I like animals, so I’m always happy to find novelty animal prints. I tend to stay away from the more realistic, detailed prints and go for more illustrative prints. I thought the cat print on this dress was cute and minimal. It’s also super comfortable and warm! I don’t have a lot of thick sweater dresses like this because it’s never too cold here, but the day I took these photos was a little cool and overcast so I thought this fit the weather. I paired it with my glitter oxfords that I got from an American Apparel warehouse sale for only $15! I like the extra sparkle they give to any outfit.


Dress: Dear Creatures, old
Tights: Target
Shoes: American Apparel

outfit: butter and sky | outfit: butter and sky | outfit: butter and sky | outfit: butter and sky - heart collar clips from Femme de Bloom | outfit: butter and sky - bunny shoes from TUK

I’ve been sporadic with my posts and it’s mostly because I’m still trying to figure out my posting schedule with this blog. I would like to post more frequently but it’s all about making the time for it. I wear pretty cute outfits most days (at least I think I do!) but in the mornings after I get dressed, I’m usually rushing to catch the train to work, so there’s no time to take photos. I do most of my outfit photos on the weekend when I have more time (and daylight hours) as well as my husband to help me take photos.

I had a very fun Christmas visiting family and friends back on the East Coast but I kept thinking about how I hadn’t posted in a while. I want to work on this and develop the blog into something I’m really proud of, and obviously it’s not quite there yet.

Even though Peter Pan collars may seem childish to some, I really adore them. The roundness makes for a cuter collar shape! It adds a little whimsy instead of a pointy, starched collar. I’m always on the lookout for cute shirts and I’ve found that the kids’ section oftentimes has cuter stuff than stuff for adults! This shirt is from GapKids, and I matched the collar with my light blue bunny shaped TUK flats from ModCloth.

Outfit details:

Shirt: GapKids
Skirt: American Apparel, old
Tights: Forever21, old
Shoes: TUK from ModCloth (old, but similar ones here)
Collar clips: Femme de Bloom