Month: July 2015 | Wildfox Couture sample sale haul

Wildfox Couture sample sale: immersed in rainbows

The Wildfox Couture sample sale. I waffled on whether or not to go. I heard it was really crowded, hot, sweaty, and that there were long lines no matter what time you went. I had never gone to one of their sales because I thought it wouldn’t be worth it. But when you look at the retail price of Wildfox Couture clothing, and then at their sample sales everything is $50 or less, it’s hard to resist.

(more…) | bowl of vegetarian shiitake shio ramen at Ramen Champ

Vegetarian ramen at Ramen Champ!

Los Angeles is a mecca for people with alternative diets (vegetarian! vegan! gluten-free! raw! etc.) and you can find a vegetarian version of almost anything here. It’s usually very easy to find good vegetarian options even at places that don’t specifically cater to vegetarians. Vegetarian versions of dishes I thought I could never eat again are plentiful here, including Vietnamese pho and Japanese ramen.

I know the idea of vegetarian or vegan ramen sounds blasphemous to most ramen purists but when it’s done well, it tastes really good. And in LA, there are a variety of places that serve vegetarian ramen, one of them being Ramen Champ.

(more…) | Dear Creatures sample sale haul

Dear Creatures sample sale haul

I went to the Dear Creatures sample sale this past Saturday, and I came home with a bunch of cute stuff. One of the cool things about living in Los Angeles is the ubiquity of sample sales, from well-known mainstream designers to indie brands (such as Dear Creatures) that are usually sold through websites like ModCloth or ShopRuche. LA’s Fashion District is home to the West Coast or national headquarters of many clothing brands. Because of the concentration of clothing companies, there are sales all the time in downtown LA. Most notably, the big ones are in the Cooper Design Space or the California Market Center. Not all sample sales are located in downtown; many other brands hold sample sales in their warehouses or offices throughout Southern California, including Orange County.

(more…) | The Young Kieslowski poster

OOTD: premiere of The Young Kieslowski

My husband Ross is a screenwriter and film producer, and a movie he worked on premiered at the Vista Theater in Los Feliz on Tuesday! I got to attend and dress up and pretend to be the glamorous wife of a movie producer (hahah uhhh, no, I’m not glamorous at all). The Vista Theater is one of my favorites in LA; the seats have lots of leg room and the interior has a kind of Art Deco, 1920s Egyptian theme going on. Also, the Vista’s movie tickets are only $9, which is pretty much unheard of anymore.
(more…) | blueberry and cream muffins on bird cupcake stand

blueberry cream muffins

I love fruit. Luckily, living in California, I have access to a lot of seasonal, fresh fruit throughout the year. Strawberries are my favorite, but blueberries are a close second. Blueberry season in southern CA just ended so I made a batch of my favorite muffins with a big container of blueberries I bought recently. However, this recipe for blueberry cream muffins works just as well with frozen blueberries if you don’t have any fresh ones on hand.

(more…) | Quenelle - funnel cake ice cream sandwich

Churro Borough’s churro ice cream sandwich vs. Quenelle’s funnel cake ice cream sandwich

I love ice cream and different variations of it, and food mashups have been a big thing the past few years. Traditional ice cream sandwiches made with cookies have been around forever, so why not substitute cookies with discs of sugary fried dough? Two dessert shops in LA put their own twist on the ice cream sandwich, and I tried both!

(more…) | Quenelle - Fluffernutter and strawberry shortcake ice cream cone

First post!

Hi, I’m Hanh! I’m a graphic designer/illustrator who really, really loves eating food and cooking/baking. I live in Los Angeles with my husband and two rescued cats. I actually registered this domain name almost two years ago but it took me a really long time to actually get moving on making this blog a reality. (more…)