Hanhgry.com | Quenelle - funnel cake ice cream sandwich

Churro Borough’s churro ice cream sandwich vs. Quenelle’s funnel cake ice cream sandwich

I love ice cream and different variations of it, and food mashups have been a big thing the past few years. Traditional ice cream sandwiches made with cookies have been around forever, so why not substitute cookies with discs of sugary fried dough? Two dessert shops in LA put their own twist on the ice cream sandwich, and I tried both!


Hanhgry.com | Quenelle - Fluffernutter and strawberry shortcake ice cream cone

First post!

Hi, I’m Hanh! I’m a graphic designer/illustrator who really, really loves eating food and cooking/baking. I live in Los Angeles with my husband and two rescued cats. I actually registered this domain name almost two years ago but it took me a really long time to actually get moving on making this blog a reality. (more…)

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